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Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Alfalfa is used all over the world as high protein animal feed and carries a high relative feed value (RFV). This versital crop is one of Ten-Plus Hay's best selling products. Alfalfa is grown all over the United States and southern Canada and comes in many qualities and grades. Alfalfa is often seeded with a variety of different hay varieties according to the needs of the farmers. The most common mix is Timothy-Alfalfa hay which is used primarily as horse feed. Some of the highest quality alfalfa is grown in the western states such as Utah, Idaho and Colorado as these areas have optimal growing conditions and most importantly, very good drying conditions. Good alfalfa is also produced in the Finger lakes region or New York and Ontario, Canada, but qualities are unreliable and vary by year depending on the drying conditions. Alfalfa is baled in many different sizes, and qualities.