Providing the World with Premium Western American Hay
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If you ask American and international customers of Ten-Plus Hay, they will tell you that Ten-Plus Hay is a reliable company dedicated to providing its clients with the finest quality hay available, the best service possible, and a fair and honest price. 

Ten-Plus sells hay and soil nutrition (gypsum) to locations and markets within the U.S. and abroad with a dependable source of hay specific to the customer's needs. They sell and distribute all grades and varieties of hay, straw and hay/soil nutrition.

From high quality Western Alfalfa to low cost feeding hay and on to mulching straw Ten-Plus Hay has the right product available for shipment in your location. We are your single source for all your hay, straw and agricultural grade gypsum.

Why not buy from a company that stands behind what they sell day in and day out.

In 1972, when Von Mason was only 14 years old, he was was already being hired to stack hay for the family farm and other local ranchers.  In fact, Von doesn't remember a time while growing up that he wasn't involved to some extent in growing, cutting, and stacking hay.

At the age of 19 Von bought his first field of hay from a local farmer and then sold the baled hay to a sheep rancher.  Within a few years, he was repeating his success at selling hay and shipping up to 15 loads of alfalfa and other hay each day.  He attributes his early success to grueling hard work and to the satisfaction of his customers who had learned that they could rely on Von's extensive knowledge, honesty, and dependability.

In 1982 Von began shipping 4'x4'x8' bales from Nephi, Utah, to California dairy farmers.  Von's accurate representations of his hay quality and his reliable service earned him the confidence of his customers and caused his business to blossom.  He called his company Ten-Plus Hay!  Through the years customers have learned that they can rely upon Ten-Plus knowledge, product representations, and personal service.  They know when they call with orders, questions, or help, their phone calls are answered with individual, personal service.

Dairy farmers demand the best hay available to insure fresh, sweet milk.  Because of this, dairy farmers seek out Ten-Plus Hay, confident that they will receive the finest quality hay from the best farms in the Intermountain West.

Today Ten-Plus Hay represents 186 hay farmers in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and California, and sells hay in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, and Utah.  Recently Ten-Plus has expanded into the international export market.  Overseas customers are aware of the quality of Western American alfalfa and other hays and are willing to pay for the superior quality in spite of the added shipping costs.  Ten-Plus hay currently ships 40,000 to 50,000 metric tons of hay annually.

Since shipping containers are charged by volume rather than by weight, Ten Plus Hay compresses hay bales to maximize the volume to fit within a shipping container for international export.  Ten-Plus Hay can press hay for shipping and provide bales sizes from 22 Kg to 450 Kg to Jumbo Bales.  They will normally ship internationally from Long Beach (LA) Port in California, but are willing to transport hay from the farms to other ports as needed.

To speak directly to Von Mason, the president and founder of Ten-Plus Hay, simply call his cell phone at (435) 691-1954 for personalized service.  He stands by his word!

Von Mason (owner of Ten Plus Hay) is testing hay at an alfalfa hay farm in Utah.
Lamont Black of Ten-Plus Hay taking alfalfa samples for testing at New York Testing Labratories.
Marci is Ten Plus Hay's business manager and dispatcher.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture
Bradley Hall is the international sales manager for Ten Plus.  He has travelled abroad for many years with extensive international sales experience.